Custom Feet insoles Australia is a part of the worldwide custom feet insoles brand. We offer a unique concept specialise in custom heat mouldable orthotic insoles.
We are proud to offer our unique line of products to health practitioners and direct to the public.

Why custom feet?

Overweight, long days of standing at work, training without adequate support, malformities in inferior extremities, accidents, badly healed injuries, among other reasons which effects our body. Bad posture can be corrected with the use of insoles and other support products or exercise. At custom feet we guarantee our product, we mould them directly to your feet and know you will feel the difference right on the spot!


Insoles are used to improve comfort, provide better foot support and assist with correct alignment.

A free scan and analysis at a Custom Feet location can identify issues and create a custom fit insole to help with the following common conditions:



Pronation is when the foot rolls inward while walking or running. While a certain amount of pronation is normal for a healthy gait, overpronation can cause ``flat feet,`` where the arch is not properly supported.
Excessive Supination

Excessive Supination

Supination is when the foot rolls outward while walking or running. Some supination is normal, but too much puts pressure on the outer edge of the foot, causing pain.
Arch Support

Arch Support

The foot arch is designed to support the foot and absorb shock. An arch that is too high or too low can stress the foot and cause pain.
Foot Disorders

Foot Disorders

Disorders such as plantar fasciitis, Achilles heel pain, toe pain, corns, bunions, knee and hip pain that stem from foot disorders can make walking and running extremely painful.
Athletic Performance

Athletic Performance

Painful feet can negatively affect athletic performance, and pushing through the pain can compound injuries. Custom insoles enhance comfort, provide support and improve performance.


Custom insoles are suitable for athletic, dress, and casual shoes. They will provide cushiony comfort during any activity, day or night.
gives the support your feet needs


When standing on the podoscope, you will see your foot pressure points and your type of arch. Our unique software captures 6 images in different positions to assist in determining and comparing the degree of deviation (pronation or supination). This will allow us to determine what needs to be corrected by the moulding of the insole.

At custom feet we know you will love your custom mould insoles and provide a lifetime guarantee – we are happy to remould your insole whenever your circumstances change or you feel the need – FREE OF CHARGE!

1. Analysis

We use podoscope to perform an analysis of your feet pressure points and arch type. Than using our custom feet program we will take 3 photos in different positions to identify misalignment (pronation or supination) and areas that require additional support.

2. Custom Feet Oven

3. Molding the insoles

4. Done!


Our promise is a quality-driven service, and our aim is to ensure affordable access to healthcare services
Jeff P
I run almost every day and assumed my ankle and knee pain was just due to getting older. Stopped into Custom Feet at Sawgrass Mall a couple weeks ago and all I can say is WOW. Love my new insoles and running is comfortable again.
Kent M
As a chef, I’m on my feet all day. Rubber clogs are common in our industry but my feet still hurt at the end of the day. Got some custom insoles from Custom Feet that fit in my clogs and it feels like I’m walking on air now.