About Us

Custom Feet Australia is a part of a successful international brand operating in over 10 countries worldwide such as: USA, UK, Canada, Mexico, Singapore, South Africa and Israel. We have launched in Australia mid 2019 on the Gold Coast.

Our orthotics are made from a combination of Carbon Fibre, Thermoplastic Plate and EVA.

They are designed to diminish joint pain, improve balance and reduce muscle fatigue by fully adapting to the ergonomics of the foot.

They are custom made to our patient’s feet in less than 10 minutes.

The orthotic is moulded to the patient’s foot using heat with the option of weight barring, semi weight barring and non-weight barring systems.

Our range includes 4 main types of orthotics designed to suit our patient’s needs and lifestyle and they fit 99% of shoes including sandals.

Custom Feet concept has proven to be a success with Australian podiatrist (widely available in clinics on the East Coast of Australia).

Ready to join us and offer the Custom Feet experience to your patients?